Master of Science in Seed Technology and Business


The Master of Science in Seed Technology and Business has been designed specifically to meet the needs of working seed sector professionals in industry and government. The STB program emphasizes the development of superior problem-solving and analytic skills by providing up-to-date seed science and technology instruction along with essential courses in business management in a rigorous, integrated curriculum.

The Master of Science curriculum consists of fifteen courses that are developed and delivered by full-time faculty members from Iowa State University and other U.S. universities. Courses are offered by eight departments in the Colleges of Business and Agriculture and Life Sciences: Accounting; Agronomy; Finance; Horticulture; Supply Chain and Information Systems; Management; Marketing; and Plant Pathology. One or two courses are offered per semester, including summer semesters.

A creative component is also required for the Master of Science degree. Students will complete the creative component under the guidance of their Program of Study Committee. In many cases, the creative component topic will be associated with the student's work. Students are able to complete the STB program in as little as ten semesters.

Graduate certificates in seed science and technology and in seed business management are also available.

Tuition Information- Please note: All students, regardless of geographic location will receive in-state/resident rate tuition.

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Lori Youngberg
Graduate Program in Seed Technology and Business
183C Seed Science Center