College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Online Learning Instructor Resources

Instructor Resources

Our Mission

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Online Learning is your primary resource for designing and delivering online courses. We are committed to supporting your efforts in creating an exciting, challenging, and effective learning experience for your students. Our staff can aid you in creating an online course or in translating an existing face-to-face course to the online environment.

Instructional Design and Technology

We offer instructional design consulting and assistance in the actual production of courses and course materials. Our staff bring their technical and pedagogical expertise to join your content expertise. We help plan, enhance, develop and implement engaging online courses that match with your teaching style and philosophy.

We also provide assistance in instructional technology, training, Blackboard consultation and media production. Let us help you learn and use strategies and techniques that work well in the online classroom.

Contact Us

Contact us if you have a question about course development or if you just want to chat with us about a new technique or technology that your colleague is using. Our job is to keep you up-to-date with the latest and the greatest (trends, techniques and methodologies) in online learning. We stand as a resource for faculty at any level of experience and at any stage in course development.