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Cumming, Iowa
"Online learning has allowed me to pursue my dream of getting a graduate degree without having to make the sacrifice of my current career or where I want to live."

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Spring 2015 Courses

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State offers several online graduate programs and courses for students to consider. Spring 2015 Courses are posted.  Registration opens on October 22nd!  Contact us at for more information. NOW OFFERED ONLINE - Processed Meats AN S 560X - 

Award Winning Faculty

Our online courses are taught by award winning faculty.

Tom Paulsen and Ryan Anderson from AGEDS received awards from the Iowa Association for Career and Technical Education in September.  Paulsen was named the Postsecondary Teacher of the Year and Anderson received the Career Guidance Award.

Robert Martin, AGEDS, was selected Outstanding Agricultural Educator by the North Central Region of the American Association for Agricultural Education at the NC-AAAE Research Conference and Symposium.